sneakers: adidas
                                                                                              dress: h&m
                                                                                              jacket: zara
                                                                                              sunglasses: ray ban
                                                                                              bag: gucci
                                                                                              jewelry: PANDORA
                                                                                              ph. Jelena

If you're searching the right way to instantly upgrade your cotton dress, look no further cause I have the solution! You don't have to put your mini dress away yet, just add a pair of your favorite sneakers or fall ready ankle boots and you are good to go.
For this transitional outfit idea you will need a good old denim jacket and bunch of accessories and that's how I teamed up with PANDORA. Their latest project The Look Of You (be sure to check the video, it's really interesting) reveals how jewelry has the power to transform any outfit and create a visual identity. And my look would be really simple if I didn't add the metallic jewelry pieces made from silver and 14k gold to revamp it a little bit. So now I have comfy, cool and stylish look followed by AW16/17 trends and defined by the jewelry I wear.
What's the Look of you?


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