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                                                                                               location: Myrina, Limnos island

Thanks to Inter Holidays I spent ten days in Limnos, an island of Greece in the northern part of Aegean sea known for its extraordinary rocky geology, stunning beaches, verdant greenery and rich history. It is mostly a perfect destination for laid back and cultural holidays, but it also offers adventurous activities, like kite surfing and other water sports.
Today I'm sharing with you photos from Myrina, a charming capital of the island, constructed around a large port, where ferries to Limnos arrive, partly developed in tourism, but also retaining its traditional and historical traits. Its lovely waterfront and little paved streets are ideal for a relaxing walk. 
So, here are my top things to do while you in Myrina:
-  stroll through Neoclassical promenade mansions of the 19th century
-  head to the impressive Venetian Castle on the rocky promontory above the town
- wait for the sunsets, cause they are amazing
-  go for a lunch or dinner at waterfront tavernas (Kosmos, Cavo del Mare...)
- buy a straw hat from a local store
- check the pharmacies cause they have Korres cosmetic products. ;)

Stay tuned for more!


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