Palazzo Radomiri

                                                                                                ph. Jelena, me

Start packing cause today I'm revealing you that perfect hidden place where you can relax from everyday routine and enjoy - Hotel Palazzo Radomiri!

- an early 18th Century Villa with 10 unique guest rooms
- ideally located on the seafront of Boka Kotorska bay in a little place called Dobrota, within walking distance to the medieval city of Kotor or short drive to the airport
- a quiet location away from the crowded spots, but a short distance to the most important attractions
- gorgeous surroundings, homelike atmosphere
- sea air, unusual scenery and long waterfront
- stunning room view of Boka Kotorska bay
- there are many comfortable corners to be left alone and relax, read a book as if there is no one around as well as beautifully arranged areas to socialise or just pursue other activities
- Senso di Cattaro retreat inside the hotel
- Palazzo restaurant inside the hotel
- Fiore di Cattaro boutique inside the hotel
- small dogs are welcome
- always complimentary Palazzo breakfast, parking an WiFi

Food and drinks
- complimentary breakfast at Palazzo restaurant
- fresh local ingredients
- simple and healthy cooking
- regional dishes with a twist
- cheeses and meats come from selected farms, while fish and seafood is brought to us by the fishermen themselves.
- traditional hospitality
- friendly efficient service will fulfill all your requests.

-  the price is similar to most of the design and boutique hotels but be sure to check their offer and special packages through their own website .

It's cozy and charming hotel with homelike ambience. Peaceful and calm with a lot of activities to do. Ideal if you are looking for the best place to escape the crowds and take in your surroundings!

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