Frankfurt snapshots

When you constantly working on the photo shootings, editing is not your favorite thing to do. Folders, memory cards and hard disc are your best friends and there is always something that you haven't finished it. So, in the upcoming posts I will share some old photos from Frankfurt and Dobrota before I continue with the new ones.
And here are some of my snap shoots from Frankfurt made during the Christmas season last year. After I finished the shootings with Opel for Adamyourself campaign, I stayed for three more days with Jelena in Frankfurt at Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof hotel (you will see more about it in the next post) which is ideally located to explore the city. It was even better than my first visit to this lovely city despite the cold weather. We enjoyed the Christmas market, Schokoküsse and mulled wine
 at the event which's history has been tracked back to 1393 year. A weekend of holiday spirit? Sign me up again, please! This video tells it all! ;)


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