After our super short trip to Bratislava in September, Jelena and I decided to switch new Astra to Opel Zafira and continue our trip to Vienna with friends. So, how was it? These short clips aka Vines are probably the best way to describe it!
Let's start:
- last minute decision to book a hotel or some apartment for five friends in a fully packed Vienna at the end of the September led us to this: (I found the perfect apartment without beds which was gallery right before we came in, so call me if you need any recommendation)
- we were strolling through the rainy Vienna every day:
- we became regular guests at Roberto, where we met amazing girls from Serbia:  (you must try cocktails with raspberries)
- we visited the secret club thanks to our new friends: (if you have that special key, you are more than welcome)
- we strolled again, this time to Albertina museum: ,
- we decided to have more raspberries at the Palmenhaus:
-  we were trying out our new clothes: (coat over Pj's and heels is almost normal thing to do before bed time)
- we were changing restaurants, bars, cafes on a daily base:
- we even made a decision to be glamours at some point: ,
- and then we needed to go home:
So, how was it? ;)

p.s. and if you need Vienna guide, check my old posts: here/here/and here.


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