Bratislava with Opel


Couple months ago (September to be more precise), Jelena and I went to Bratislava with Opel and after a short Vienna-Belgrade flight, we had a chance to attend the international media launch for the new Opel Astra. We started our test drive from Vienna airport to Bratislava with possibility to drive through The Little Carpathians. It was fun as usual to tryout all the new features such as the improved next generation Opel eye front, traffic sign assist, following distance indication, lane keep assist, wellness massage (yap) and probably one of my favorite - personal connectivity and service assistant Opel OnStar.
After we freshened up a little bit at our Grand Hotel River Park we went for a short sightseeing and for the first time I had that feeling of not liking some city. Sorry Bratislava, but you were a little disappointing. Luckily, we had organized dinner at the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum of modern art which was (beside our hotel) the prettiest place in town. Instead of being taken to our dinner destination by bus, as is the norm for car launches, we were asked to take to the wheel ourselves. The reason? Opel’s groundbreaking new IntelliLux LED matrix light that made its debut in the new Astra. Don't believe it? Just click here!
The test route, the typical, cool and warm Opel atmosphere, the car, the technologies, the innovations, everything was great, so thank you Opel for this experience!

For more short videos from this trip, click here! ;)


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